TGN Fritom

I created the visual illustration part of the animation for TGN fritom with Twinsense media that explains their process and workflow.

Animation illustrations TGN fritom 1
3 reasons why your businesses should use animation
Animated explainer videos are efficient & clear
An animation can communicate quickly and help breakdown the important points of the problem and solution to the problem quickly. 
Grabs audience attention & increase the conversion rates
It helps you convey your business story in a way that is easy for people to remember and relate to various concepts. You build trust and credibility with prospects.
Animation is a flexible medium
Anything is possible in animation and their creators have absolute freedom to go wherever their imagination takes them; an episode can start in another galaxy and end in highway to china.

Are you in need of the illustration part for an animation just like TGN Fritom for your animation project? Reach out to me, or sign me up to create the animation & illustrations, with custom voice-over and sound effects & music. Just mail for more information.